Saturday, March 19, 2011

pua (maal pua)(shaahi pua)(holi's must dish){Royal sweet dish}

1/2 kg maida(Refined flour)
pure ghee  for deep fry
4 tbsp suji
1/2 kg sugar
kaju tukra(cashew nuts)
banana mashed
1 kg milk(for pouring consistency)
coconut tukra
paneer grated
dried dates tukra

Method - Add  maida, suji, grated coconut, dry fruits, banana  and paneer in a bowl. Mix it well. Then slowly add milk in it and keep stirring then add sugar. Keep adding milk until and unless a smooth batter is ready.
Heat oil in a non sticky pan. Take a tablespoon of the batter and pour it in the oil. Deep fry it until it turns light brown. Take it out of the pan. .
note:pour the batter in the pan only when the  ghee is too hot,to check pour i drop of batter in the pan and  if the drop comes out on the top of the ghee level then it is ready to make pua.:)
Happy holi

my  next recipe is kathal ki sabji so come back soon :)
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