Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dahi Vada! ........... yum yum

urad dal - 2 cup
curd/yogurt - 3 cups
black salt- 2 tsp
red chilli powder-1tsp
black pepper powder-1tsp
roasted jeera powder-2tsp
tomato sauce -4 tsp
chilli sauce-2 tsp
imli chutney 2tsp

Soak  the dal  6-8 hours or for 1-2 hrs in hot water, grind it to smooth paste.
Now take the curd and beat it nicely with a spoon.

Now fry the vadas in oil, for frying vadas take spoon full(size depends on ur choice) of batter put 2 raisin in centre of the batter in th spoon and drop it in the oil,fry till golden brown and as soon as you take it out put the vadas in warm water , when all vadas are done,   take the vadas out and squeeze any excess water with hand and put it in the curd.
Finally, you can garnish your dahi vada with garnishing ingredients .
Note:use onlt fresh powders for the best taste.
aah its delicious

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