Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dahi-kachori with onion raita

For Dahi-kachori                        
for dough:
5 cups maida (refined flour) (to make 20 kachori)
2 cup dahi/curd/hung curd
1 tbsp ginger paste

1/2 tsp carom seeds
1 tsp green chilly paste
salt to taste
turmeric-1/2 tsp
water to knead
Method :
Mix all the ingredients sufficient water to make soft dough. After resting for 2 hours, knead  very well. Divide the dough into small  balls.

 Now flatten this ball and roll into a desired the same with all balls. 
Heat ghee in a non stick  pan.when hot  place all puris one by one and  cook over low heat. Turn it again.Cook both sides till golden brown.
Serve  hot. with onion raita.

For Onion raita
curd-2 cup(blended)
onion-1 large(chopped)
black salt powder-1/4 tsp
black pepper powder-  -1/4 tsp
red chilly powder-1 pinch
finely chopped green chilly-1/2 tsp
mint powder-1 tsp
mix all ingredients and serve cool .

enjoy this in hot summer evening :).