Sunday, June 30, 2013

Aam ka chatpata achaar (green mango pickles)


Mango - 1 kg                                                            
Fennel (Saunf) - 2 tbsp
ajwain-2 tbsp
kalonji-2 tbsp
Roasted Fenugreek powder (Methi ) - 1 tbsp
 Red chilli flakes - 5 tbsp
split mustard  -2 tbsp
turmeric powder-2 tsp
Salt - 5 tbsp
 mustard  oil- 500ml

Wash,peel and cut the mangoes.Remove Mango seeds.
Mix   Mango  pieces with salt,turmeric and keep it in  sun for 3-4hrs..
then remove extra water using tissue paper.
then add all the seeds,, split mustard and chilli flakes.
heat oil till it becomes hot,remove from fire ,add hing(asafoetida) .
let it cool.add oil ,mix very well,pour into the jar,keep in sun for 8-10 days.
mouth watering achaar (pickles)  is ready  to serve.its freshness remains for an year.

Mujhe nahin lagta tab tak bachega.

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